Checkpoint 1

This page is for Checkpoint 1. Here, we'll be detailing the Alpha phase of our capstone project. For information on Checkpoint 1's requirements, the details can be found here.
Checkpoint 1 consists of 5 elements: Presentation, Alpha, Exploratory Research, Project Plan, and the PR/FAQ.


Our presentation detailed our group's Alpha, Exploratory Research, Project Plan, and the PR/FAQ, and was presented on January 30th.
The presentation can be found here.


Due to the uniqueness of our project, our Alpha was initially planned to be a quick video capture using drones provided by the NMI department. However, due to weather and scheduling issues between parties, our group's Alpha was instead showcasing the app which we would use to be planning a flight plan for our drone.
Our team planned on using the app Pix4D to control our drone, as it would allow us to manually route a flight path. Additionally, the video data it captured would automatically be generated into an orthomosaic map, which is a detailed, accurate photo representation of an area, created out of many photos that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) so that it is as accurate as a map. As seen in the images below, our team demonstrated the use of the Pix4D and used its capabilities to map out the flight path of the Schramm property, one of the properties our team gathered data on.
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[1/2] The user interface of our Pix4D App.
[2/2] The user interface of our Pix4D App.
An example of mapping out an area for our drone's automated flight path. Here, the area is too large so our team divided the area into thirds when gathering the footage.

Exploratory Research

Our Exploratory Research focuses on our group's collaboration between the Oconee River Land Trust and our client, Laura Hall, and the details of working alongside our client.
Additionally, our Exploratory Research delves into working with drones, including the process of capturing video footage and data, as well as the logistics and laws while handling drones and drone flights. For complete information on our Exploratory Research, refer to the full document here.

Project Plan

Our Project Plan details our group's planned schedule for ensuring that our capstone project is fully completed, outlining the logistics and expected dates for each deadline.
For complete information on our Project Plan, refer to the full document here.


Our PR/FAQ section is meant to envision our capstone project as a finished product, detailing how it would work, as well as addressing any frequently asked questions.
For complete information on our PR/FAQ, refer to the full document here.