Checkpoint 3

This page is for Checkpoint 3. Here, we'll be detailing the 1.0 phase of our capstone project. For information on Checkpoint 3's requirements, the details can be found here. Checkpoint 3 consists of 4 elements: Presentation, 1.0, Visual Design Document, and the Website Beta


Our presentation detailed our group's Presentation, 1.0, Visual Design Document, and the Website Beta.
The presentation can be found here.


Our group's 1.0 is a rough draft of our completed final project. In this case, our complete final project is to deliver a promotional video to promote the many conservation easements the ORLT monitors and to help raise awareness towards their conservation.
Attached below is our group's 1.0.

Visual Design Document

The visual design document is meant to serve as a design guideline of sorts, providing both our group and readers with a reference for our logos, typefaces, and brand colors, as well as a style guide for our visual assets.
Additionally, this document provides easy download links to all visual assets our team has used.
To access our visual design document, click the link found here.

Website Beta

The website beta is meant to be a rough draft of our group's complete website. If you're reading this post, then congratulations! You've been looking at our website beta (or completed website depending on when you read this). Feel free to look around to get a better understanding of our project!