Checkpoint 4

This page is for Checkpoint 4. Here, we'll be detailing the 1.1/launch phase of our capstone project.
For information on Checkpoint 4's requirements, the details can be found here.
Checkpoint 4 consists of 4 elements: Stage Presentation Beta, 1.1, Launch/Handoff/Social Deliverables, and Resume.

Stage Presentation Beta

Our stage presentation beta is close to what our team will present during NMISlam in late April.
The presentation can be found here.


As mentioned in the previous checkpoint, our group was requested to create a promotional video for the many conservation easements the ORLT monitors and to help raise awareness towards their conservation. In this case, our team centered our video around the Schramm property, one of the conservation easements our team monitored.
In addition to the video, our team analyzed the drone footage using Pix4D's automatic data analysis to create an orthomosaic map, stitched from the hundreds of screenshots our drone took while recording Schramm property. This in turn gave us a comprehensive map of the property whose future applications could be used for organizations such as the ORLT to compare throughout each year.
Due to the extremely large size of the full orthomosaic map, the above is a screengrab of the autogenerated map. For a copy of the orthomosaic map in full resolution, download it below. Note that downloading this image may take a while.

Full Orthomosaic Map (112 Mb)

Launch/Handoff/Social Deliverables

This section details the materials and finalized products our group will be handing over to Laura Hall and the ORLT.
Download or view them here.


As required by the Capstone course, all of our team members have uploaded their resumes.
Check out the resumes of our team members and the rest of the Capstone students here.