Final Checkpoint

This page is for our Final Checkpoint. Here, we'll be detailing our team's final operational project here.

Final Project

As mentioned in the checkpoint 4, our group was requested to create a promotional video for the many conservation easements the ORLT monitors and to help raise awareness towards their conservation. In this case, our team centered our video around the Schramm property, one of the conservation easements our team monitored.
Since our team created the final promotional video for the ORLT in checkpoint 4, this part of our project has not changed.

Stage Presentation

The above video is be our team's presentation video for the NMI 2020 Space SLAM. This video goes into depth on what our project is about, our journey to complete it, and the goals we hoped to accomplish working on it.
Additionally, this document provides easy download links to all visual assets our team has used.


ORLT Drones Poster

Full Poster Download